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Zion I ft. K. Flay - Coastin’

this song

I feel so divine givin´ thanks I´m alive
Cuz we came a long way since our days in the Ay
Sleepless nights was tryna get right
Now I just glide
Wind in my sails
I toast to the ocean
She balance my scales
West coastin´
Got the breeze at my left
Been leavin´ me ???
When life do you well
Stay focused
True indeed it´s a fact
When those hard times come love will bring you right back
When life brings trouble
You can fight or run away
I have no struggle
Relax watch me float away
I´m coastin´
I´m coastin´ on a dream
I´m coastin´
This one´s for you and me

I laid on the beach for hours with the soothing sound of waves crashing down, but there were clouds as far as I could see. So I surrendered the idea of laying on the beach and basking in the heat of the sun.

I grabbed my camera and took a photo walk on the busy boardwalk and through the quiet neighborhoods. House after house I wished and dreamed that I could live by the sea.

After roaming around for awhile, I headed for an oyster bar and restaurant I wanted to check out. It was nice that it was away from the boardwalk.

The happy hour starts early around the beach town—before dinner. The place was tiny and began to get packed and it was barely past three. I stood awkwardly behind the folks sitting at the bar counter just waiting for a seat to open up. I put in my order: beer special, oysters and steamed shrimp.

I got my order before I could find a seat. So they plopped me down unapologetically, but nicely in a “hey we’re busy what can we do” sort of way, by the oyster bar and made a makeshift table from their boxes to place my food on. Good enough for me.

It was actually pretty perfect. I talked with the oyster guys who teased me about taking photos. A drunk old lady showed me a photo from her phone that she took and asked me if I worked for a paper, magazine or one of those “cool websites.”

I was kind of diggin my spot. I began to sort of dance along with the staff and the oyster bar guys who were constantly coming and going. I’d shimmied and shifted as they passed me by.

I was surprised earlier that the bartender introduced herself and asked for my name. I was even more surprised that I could remember her name and that we addressed each other like we were old friends. I don’t know how she did that with all her customers! It was magical. Amy is the most brilliant bartender I’ve ever encountered.

I had remembered spotting an Aperol bottle on display when I had first come in. I chuckled to myself when it was the first thing I spotted. So I asked Amy if she knew how to make an Aperol spritz and she did! So I ordered some more oysters and shrimp. I savoured the Aperol spritz and I felt like I was back in Italy having an apertivo!